About shelter series

Shelter series was first conceived in year 2007. It has been a series of works to question, reflect and reviewing the accommodation of the housing situation in Hong Kong.

The first series of works were made in " Shelters from the pre-historic time" in 2007. Organic forms with earthly tones were hanged in gallery, like something travelled from time tunnel to stand in front of us. The forms remind us of skeletons and skins, and drew us back to the pre-historic shelters that man used for protection.
The works didn't point directly on the situation of housing in Hong Kong, it just want to let viewers to feel their relation of their physical body and shelters. And hopefully to question their current situation of housing in Hong Kong.

The second series of works were made in year 2013, the first one is called "we can build".
This work comprised of four structures with rectangular forms, they can accommodate the size of a physical human body.  They are of earthly tones, set in a man-made environment with a natural atmosphere.  On the floor, there are many building blocks, and there are written invitations to invite viewers to participate to build their own physical accommodation.  This is a piece of work that hope to trigger the long lost instinct of building a house for oneself.

The second work is called "Dream Home". This work comprised of generic small houses, tubes of red blood, and hand held water pumps.  The generic white houses were hanged in the inside with different heights, pumps were installed in the outer realm, audiences were again invited to pump the red blood so it can travel in the tube and to a destination of a dream home.  The blood sometimes will squeeze out from the pumps and marked the floor with blood. This is a reflection of how a diligent , working man's life process of securing a home for himself and his family.