Tang Ying Mui


Recycle destinies (2009-2011)


This series started from the use of hearts in 2009, the use of a big heart, then from the intoduction of furry bits of cloth, to the big area use of black furry cloth and golden chain.

It all began with the society's obseesion with heart shape. It was a very popular shape that we use it extensively for happy and love.

I used it just for a laugh, made a joke with it.

But as the works developed, it had become man VS wild, developed city and nature, conflict of man and nature.

Wild animals are like messengers of nature and wilderness.

From time to time, when they appear in our city, they bring to us the wild taste of nature, challenging our tamed human character.

Bringing to us the nature that has been forgotten.

Digging out the memory towards nature that has been buried deep in our hearts.

Also telling us the nature that has been eroded by human beings