Tang Ying Mui ,Grace

Title of artwork: Hop for our future

Here is artist's statement:

Hopscotch is believed to be an ancient game passed down from the Romans. This was originally a training program for the soldiers.

But when the children saw their training, they changed it into a game and it had passed onto recent days.

This work combines hopscotch and aeroplane chess together. I have included images of planet earth, animals, and plants onto the top box of the hopscotch.

These hop scotches will be drawn on the floor. Audiences are encouraged to hop onto it by using a dice, and see how long will the audience reach the images I have put there.

By involving the audiences into a game like this, I hope we can keep in our mind, we have to depend on hard work (that is hopping) and luck before we can reach our goals of keeping our earth in good health, protecting our earth's treasures ( that is our environment, animals and plants).