Tang Ying Mui ,Grace

This project was started when I had a studio at Kwun Tong factory building. I had an aim in making the project:

I feel that art still seems to be quite distant from the audience. This project hopes to bring art into the viewer’s circle, so they can touch the work, put it onto their body, let them rethink their role, have a good time with friends, hopefully draws art near to people

So I invented a little story and made work from it, the story is like this:

A Pre-historic man who lives in a city brought back objects from the pre-historic time. In the dream, he/she could see pre-historic living things make clothing using natural materials. When he/she woke up in the morning, he/she found these objects by his/her side. What are these objects? They seem like outfits! When viewers put these objects on their body, what would happen to them? Would they be transformed into someone else? A hunter, a shaman, a royal, a warrior…..! Do they get any message from our pre-historic ancestor?The artist hopes the viewers to try out the art works and feel it for themselves. She hopes that she can draw art nearer to people and that art can make people re-evaluate their present role in life.

The project was shown in the L.E.A.P. (Kwun Tong Studios Open at 2005) . Click here for the interactions by the audiences