Tang Ying Mui ,Grace


Art Walk, Hong Kong (2014)


In the 2014 art walk, I was invited to display this series of works  in a flight of steps.

The event will be at night. And I am thinking of the "dawn market" in the poor part of Hong Kong where elderly will wake up very early in the morning and sell goods that are unbelievably petty and low. Why they start selling in such early hours? Naturally, they have to avoid patrolling of police.

So I have decided to use ordinary carrier bags, ( not those big brand name shopping bags), put some lights and the animals cased onto the bags and scattered them in a flight steps. Audiences would be drawn by these beautiful, attractive, sculptures and they would come over to look at it, and in the inside they could find the animals embedded inside the product containers which are originally discards after used.

These product containers once contained modern day detergents, liquid soup for body, spread for bread, food jelly etc. All the products are mass produced and globally distributed, and in the end go to dumping sites. They are also nature and animals endangered.  These containers were used as a coffin to hold the animals.